Salon Stock Control Software

Salon Stock Control Software

Our salon business software typically saves our clients 25% on stock purchases


Our Salon Software Typically Saves Our Clients 25% On Stock Purchases.


Did you know that most salons get stock control wrong? Deals with suppliers, incentives, hunches and poor advice are amongst the reasons many are either over or incorrectly stocked.

  • Automatically generate orders
  • Receive orders into salon easily with one click
  • Track product sales
  • Identify poor sellers and save money on future orders
  • Monitor and control professional stock usage
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With Salon Advantage’s premier salon software stock problems are a thing of the past.

Because we understand salons we’ve simplified the system. After all, all you need to know is:

  • How many have I got?
  • How many have I sold?
  • How many should I buy?

Salon Advantage’s salon management system answers these questions and much more:

It automatically calculates ideal stock levels based on your sales history by averaging sales.

No more frantic paranoia over missing items or vital business cash tied up in slow sellers. With the minimum effort your stock becomes the healthy, efficient revenue stream it should be. Get Smart salon management software working for you.

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We ran a Non returners Campaign last week to clients we hadn’t seen for ages. The response was so amazing that I won’t let another month go by without utilizing my Salon Advantage Marketing suite!

Karen Lewis – Urban Hair & Beauty

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